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The four Suomy victories in the daily ranking make of Lommel race
one of the most successful day in Suomy history.
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With the presentation of the new special graphic of team Sukuki MXGP, week end starts with a touch of style, thanks to the well-organized event wanted by Stefan Everts, champion and manager of Suzuki MXGP Team, so to celebrate in style the home race of Belgian team.

The livery of the motorcycle is inspired by  the glorious graphic of Suzuki RM 250  of 1992, characterized not only by the characteristic Suzuki yellow but also by fuchsia and violet streaks on saddle and on side fairings; and SUOMY wanted to take part to this event, equipping the riders with a brand new graphic for the SUOMY MR JUMPof Kevin Strijbos e Bas Vassen , with backgounds, shades and with daring color combinations referring to the nineties as yellow, orange, blue, fuchsia; and some dynamic lines white/light blue which make the shell in fiber, carbon and Kevlar, even more dynamic and light.
 The Arminas Jasikonis  SUOMY Alpha too, for the occasion, get colored with graphics of Pixel version, proposed as a tribute to the graphic checkered world of the 90’s.

The goods style has been then supported by an impressive series of sport results which will let us remember the Lommel day as one of the most successful for SUOMY:
In MXGP race1 Kevin Strijbos , starting from the third postion, with a good cue, is able to position himself behind the dozer Nagl. At the 7th lap, the Belgian rider is overtaken by Simpson, for a fight for the second position, and ends with tenacity in third postion.
In first part of race2 Strijbos goes back to the eighth position, but his desire for redemption and his determination, let him move up to the third position, and this will let him have a great absolute victory in the final GP standing.
Strijbos is not the only surprise, also the young teammate Aminas Jasikonis, at his second race in MXGP, gets an eighth position in race2.

Suzuki and Suomy successes continue also in EMX250 in the European championship with Bas Vaessen dominating even both the heats, mathematically winning the GP standing too.

Weekend of glory also for Suomy Alpha in Husqvarna Rockstar team, getting other two first places with absolute victory of Max Anstie in MX2 and of Yental Martens in European EMX300.
 Bad luck for Samuele Bernardini and his TM, who, penalized by traffic in race1 and by a stone damaging his mask in race2, get a 19th place, useful to maintain the ninth absolute position in the provisional standing in MX2 world championship.


Kevin Strijbos & Bas Vaessen (Suomy Mr Jump )

Max Anstie (Suomy Alpha)


MXGP YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Max Anstie Kevin Strijbos;