But SR-GP knows all the thoughts that Andrea Dovizioso had today, starting when the red lights switched off, until Dovi's eyes saw the checkered flag waving and, perhaps, a tear touched his cheeks.

SR-GP is the witness of the scream of joy that accompanied Andrea during the last lap , after an exemplary race.

Starting from the fourth position, Dovi is able, in the first laps, to evaluate the other riders and calibrate the balance with his bike, then lengthen the gap from his rivals in the central phase of the race and keeps his leadership until the last corner.

Dovizioso says he was "in a trance with his bike" and the third win of the season, which allows him to gain the second place in the World Championship ranking, is the real proof of the magic that was in Misano Adriatico circuit yesterday.

And SR-GP is the only keeper of the magical emotions of our Champion.