Solid Dovi!

Termas de Rio Hondo, 04/08/2018

The argentine weekend starts uphill for our Suomy knight Andrea Dovizioso, aware, from the first day of practice, of the difficulties he would have encountered due to the layout of the track, not really suitable to the characteristics of his bike.

Together with his Suomy SR-Sport, starting from the third row, Andrea managed to collect an important sixth place that secured him the second position in the overall World standing.


Livio Loi, our Moto 3 rider, comes back home with the first point of the season, crossing the finish line in 15th place.

Race undertone for the Suomy riders of the intermediate class. 
Romano Fenati, Stefano Manzi, Federico Fuligni and Zulfahmi Khairuddin, concluded the overseas race outside the points area.


Austin, 04/22/2018


The white horse, emblem of rationality painted on his Suomy SR-SPORT, was right and brought the Suomy knight Andrea Dovizioso to the head  of the World championship standings.

Conscious since Friday that the American track is not a friendly track to him, Andrea works hard throughout the weekend to achieve the best result possible.

Dovi arrives at the finish line in fifth position that ensures him to go back to Europe on the top of the ranking.


An undertone race for the standard bearers Suomy in the intermediate class Romano Fenati, Stefano Manzi, Federico Fuligni e Zulfahmi Khairuddin who finish out of the point zone.


On the other hand, an extraordinary comeback for Livio Loi, in Moto 3. Starting from the twentysixth place on the grid, he is tenth under the chequered flag.