Championship, and Thomas Kjer Olsen get on the podium with their Suomy Alpha, respectively in second and third position, after two stunning races fought until the chequered flag. 
Olsen ends the season with a World bronze medal around his neck. Amazing!

A good performance also for Brian Moreau and Pierre Goupillon, wild car in MX2 for the last race, demostrating their potential even in the category in which they will compete in 2019. 
Now we just have to count the days and wait for the start of the MXGP 2019 World Championship, ready for new emotions.



Dovi is letting us to get used to the heart-beating races.

And having to live the race when here in Europe is early morning, does not help to manage the emotions that he makes us feel.


Buriram, a new track for everyone, but that seems to immediately delight DesmoDovi who is able to secure himself the third place on the starting grid.


During the early laps, Dovi maintains the starting position while studying other riders.


As soon as he feels safe, he does not hesitate and jumps to the first position. And from there he doesn’t want to move.

The result is an exciting duel.

Andrea responds to his rival, the rider who he is playing for the title of World Champion, shot on shot, without leaving the head of the race, except for a few meters.


They arrive at the last corner and, for the first time this season, the Spaniard has the best on our standard bearer who still ensures a spectacular second place.


On the podium with Dovi, once again, there is also a bit of Suomy thanks to SR-GP.

A difficult weekend for our Moto2 talents who have struggled to digest the geometric Thai track.


Federico Fuligni ends the race in twenty-fifth position, while Stefano Manzi is forced to retire after a crash during the first laps.

Now a week off, before the next round of this long Asian tour.




Impossible is nothing.

The GP of Germany has given us strong emotions and at the end of the two days of competition scheduled to raise the title of the E2 class was our Eero Remes.


Last weekend took place the last act of the World Enduro Championship in Rudersdorf where the impossible become possible.

On the opening day Eero Remes ran a perfect race going to win the E2 class and gnawing some points to the provisional leader.

Day 2 started with our Finnish rider still among the protagonists and it's continued with the winning of the much desired title of the E2 class.



Japan, the first race of the triple. This is the name which the riders gives to the long Asian trip that will take them also to Australia and Malaysia.

A weekend that, for our standard bearer in MotoGP, starts with all the best conditions: DesmoDovi is first in every practice session, from Friday to Saturday qualifying.

He is calm, on the starting grid. A serenity that comes from the awareness of the work done and the security of his value, his strength.

At the start he does not hesitate and maintains the first position. If he wants to win, he will have to stay in the lead for 24 laps.

Lap by lap, Dovizioso is always there. He does not give up. He believes in it.

With four laps to go, the duel with his rival, the rider who he is playing with for the World Championship, begins.

They overtake each other, but Dovi always returns where he knows his place is.

With two laps from the checkered flag Marquez overtakes him again and Andrea, just as he prepares to attack to achieve the first position, makes a small mistake and loses the front. In a few instants he is on the ground.

He wanted to fight with his rival until the last corner, but he will have to wait until Philip Island to try it again. And we will be there to cheer for him.
An unlucky race for our Moto2 talents.
Stefano Manzi ends the race in twenty-fourth position, while Federico Fuligni is forced to retire after a crash with thirteen laps to go.



A new conquest


Phillip Island 2018. Until yesterday a difficult track for our talent Andrea Dovizioso.

But now it will remain in our memories as the first time of DesmoDovi on the Australian podium, at least since he has been riding a Ducati.

Phillip Island 2018 also marks the achievement of the first 50 podiums of Dovi, 8 of which during this season.

On Sunday Dovi starts from the starting grid in ninth position. He is aware that he had a good pace during the whole weekend, but he knows he will have to fight for the podium.  He starts well and immediately manages to make up some precious positions that allow him, after a few laps, to be the leader of the head group. From this moment an amazing fight begins, with five riders who play for the three places available on the podium.

Many overtakes make out the Australian race and every lap the positions change.

However, Andrea, is able to handle the tires and he manages to get to the end of the race in a condition that ensures him an important third place.

Another crucial podium for our Dovi, another beautiful podium for SR-GP.

In Moto2 our boys have had an unlucky weekend.

Stefano Manzi did not take part in the race due to a small fracture on his wrist after a fall during qualifying. Federico Fuligni is forced to retire early in the race.

SR-GP. Racing like no other


he name we have chosen for the new Suomy racing helmet says everything about this innovative model.

Developed in collaboration with Andrea Dovizioso, MotoGp Official rider, and also tested in extreme situation such as 2018 Tourist Trophy, the SR-GP enters the Top of Suomy range.

High protection, ergonomics, fantastic field of vision and a new way to study aerodynamics are the word keys that gave life to SR-GP.

Wind tunnel tested, even in the unprecedented position of the rider in turns, has led to an innovative helmet that redefines and raises the parameters for comfort, safety and aerodynamics.

SR-GP is totally new also in terms of ventilation: the outer shell has channels that provide a more effective airflow inside the helmet, and a special rear spoiler that greatly increases the aerodynamic performance and the air extraction.

SR-GP, simply a NEW SUOMY ERA.